Walking Away.

Come February, I’m struggling to get through the days of autoimmunity… having been exposed to illnesses, bacteria, and viruses a toddler’s immune system should fight off, but my defenseless, suppressed immune system cannot.It’s a never ending battle: “Do I push through this, not knowing if i will feel better or worse the next day?” “Will … Continue reading Walking Away.

Q: How am I ok with this??

A: Well, there are endless reasons, but let me begin by saying how PROUD I am of my husband! He hit his 30lb weight loss goal and is feeling and looking better than ever! Explanation for my not being defeated, for my head held high, and my motivation to keep GROWING? I have already had … Continue reading Q: How am I ok with this??


-Troye Sivan https://youtu.be/3awzvNrKDsg 💙💛💖, Bailey

I dare you.

And all of the doctors sang in a harmonious tune "we told you so". I just don't like to be told what to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You go to a doctor for help. And I'm not sorry for expecting a solution in any case - especially for my chronic illnesses. If I had a dollar for … Continue reading I dare you.

It’s the normal life now.

Well, it's about time for real words and real life rather than the passive/creative/poet style/story telling format that usually comes from my over-sensitized brain and sometimes (probably most actually) from my broken heart from the cruelty of our nonadaptive world. . . The weather has been beautiful here. We have prayed for rain, for I'm … Continue reading It’s the normal life now.

Invisible Outside.

Sjögren gets bored. And Fibromyalgia is a silent assassin. My moisture producing glands have been attacked Until They are completely annihilated. Every single mucosa membrane - dry. 3 years ago we got this answer. I was a competitive cheerleader. I used to lift people and defy gravity against all odds... but, 3 years into finding … Continue reading Invisible Outside.