Your Mind Lies.

"You can't do that. You are not good enough for that. You can't go on anymore. You don't have the energy." -Your Mind (Lies) "When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm." - Ancient African Proverb 💜☀️🦋, Bailey

Apps That Help Me Out

I have quite a few apps on my phone... mixed with music, I'm always "forced" (psh forced😂) to get the highest memory holding phone that AT&T has available. If you are struggling with any of these issues, I strongly suggest you trying these apps out and seeing how they help you as they have helped … Continue reading Apps That Help Me Out

Invisible Outside.

Sjögren gets bored. And Fibromyalgia is a silent assassin. My moisture producing glands have been attacked Until They are completely annihilated. Every single mucosa membrane - dry. 3 years ago we got this answer. I was a competitive cheerleader. I used to lift people and defy gravity against all odds... but, 3 years into finding … Continue reading Invisible Outside.