Black Dog.

Anxiety and pain have been the only two emotions I’ve experienced this year. Yes, this entire year. Blow a bit of happiness across the surface of it all, like glitter, but that’s all that it’s been — specks that shine in the light when you focus enough to see them. In a room of blinding … Continue reading Black Dog.


In the past, I've walked through the grocery store, mall, etc. feeling, hours into the errand, as if my feet were walking behind my upper body, just trying to keep up with myself, trying to keep up with everyone else. At this point, I'm dragging 80lb sand bags by each ankle. Spaghetti  Am I even … Continue reading Stone.

Yellow 5 Dye

I've had so many issues with things hurting my stomach and causing digestive issues in the past, it wasn't much of a surprise when it hit me all over again. I seem to be ok for a while, but then become randomly allergic to something new. It's crazy right? Yeah I feel that way too. … Continue reading Yellow 5 Dye

I Don’t Think You Heard Me Correctly…

Listen to your patient. No. I mean really listen. Let's put this office visit into perspective: Your patient has been getting to know his/her body for the length of their lifetime. ....Have you been there with them? Have you felt what they've felt? Grown up how they've grown up? Been exposed to the same chemicals/radiation/preservatives... … Continue reading I Don’t Think You Heard Me Correctly…