Album out now by Jessie Reyez Jessie Reyez release announcement on Twitter. 🥺🔪⚰️🖤 Laying here. Heating pad. Phone. Charger. Kidney stone. Mad at too many. Guilty for too much. This album drop makes me so happy. Nothin but a girl helpin a world of girls out. . My Feels. 🥺💔 . 🤍, Bailey

I Guess I Found a Time Machine.

Lately it's been a daily whirlwind of pain... It all started with my diagnosis with mono. My doctor wanted to do an ultrasound of my spleen and upper abdomen, since there had never been one ordered before - only an ultrasound for my gallbladder in 2015. Im not sure how many have followed me through … Continue reading I Guess I Found a Time Machine.

Kidney Stone

For days. Why does my body hate me so much? The crazy and saddest part of this entire thing is that every previous kidney stone I've had, I've been on the floor, in the bath, on the couch trying to get comfortable... and now, I'm just dealing. I'm used to the pain. How fair is … Continue reading Kidney Stone