The Blinding Truth of it All

So many people are going through the hardest time in their lives right now. Alone or lonely, lost or confused, frustrated or depressed, it’s all pretty much the same for us all. I just want you all to know: You are NOT alone. Every life matters. Every emotion matters. Every doubt, every tear, every bottle, … Continue reading The Blinding Truth of it All

I dare you.

And all of the doctors sang in a harmonious tune "we told you so". I just don't like to be told what to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You go to a doctor for help. And I'm not sorry for expecting a solution in any case - especially for my chronic illnesses. If I had a dollar for … Continue reading I dare you.

Medication Shaming

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was relieved to finally have an answer and name to what was causing my body to viciously stab, burn, electrocute, punch, overheat, get random fevers, require a seating in social circumstances, pass out from fatigue even though I just woke up, become randomly nauseous and repulsed by food … Continue reading Medication Shaming

🎶 I don’t have the answers…

I will always hold your fragile hand. "I don't care what you say - I'm not letting go." (I love that you laughed at that the other day.)I've walked behind you through my life, and now we enjoy the "remember when"s as I kneel at your bedside. I'm so thankful, so grateful, and ever so … Continue reading 🎶 I don’t have the answers…

Sunshine & Starlight

Yesterday, I walked up to their house in a hurry. I was about 10 minutes later than planned. My DD opened the front door - I was greeted by his Mini Aussie, named Ring and a strong, loving hug - the hug I've missed along this road. He felt better today since he was going … Continue reading Sunshine & Starlight

I Guess I Found a Time Machine.

Lately it's been a daily whirlwind of pain... It all started with my diagnosis with mono. My doctor wanted to do an ultrasound of my spleen and upper abdomen, since there had never been one ordered before - only an ultrasound for my gallbladder in 2015. Im not sure how many have followed me through … Continue reading I Guess I Found a Time Machine.


Positive. Active mononucleosis. 5th time since 2015. Is it possible to have a permanent active case? The internet says yes. My rheumatologist (who I see on May 30th) wants to do research into it so she can better treat me on my appointment. She's requesting all blood work and labs since....? Um. I'm not sure … Continue reading Compass

Apps That Help Me Out

I have quite a few apps on my phone... mixed with music, I'm always "forced" (psh forced😂) to get the highest memory holding phone that AT&T has available. If you are struggling with any of these issues, I strongly suggest you trying these apps out and seeing how they help you as they have helped … Continue reading Apps That Help Me Out

Research Your Diagnosis Until…

Until. Just until. The word "Fibromyalgia" entered my life and medical charts during the year 2015. I'm not sure I've ever had a more difficult year. I remember asking my manager to go home because I didn't feel well... He asked me "What's wrong? What is it that doesn't feel well?" And I replied: "Everything. … Continue reading Research Your Diagnosis Until…

I Don’t Think You Heard Me Correctly…

Listen to your patient. No. I mean really listen. Let's put this office visit into perspective: Your patient has been getting to know his/her body for the length of their lifetime. ....Have you been there with them? Have you felt what they've felt? Grown up how they've grown up? Been exposed to the same chemicals/radiation/preservatives... … Continue reading I Don’t Think You Heard Me Correctly…