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This is the year that turned out worlds upside down and inside out. Everything we’ve known has now changed - like some kind of terrifying blank slate..While we can’t control our outside world, we can control how our inside world reacts to it..Do yourself a favor - bring in some positivity. Make yourself proud. Find … Continue reading Instagram Post

Your balance and happiness are priceless.

I wish that I could be more than me; more than someone who lives waiting for something that will never happen. I wish that I could be more than sick, more than lonely, more than “I don’t feel well”, more than depressed, more than the anxiety the occupies my mind always at the worst time. … Continue reading Your balance and happiness are priceless.


We said it would be a hard year. When we used the word "hard" in December of 2017, we were clueless of what it would add up to. My days no longer feel long enough. The hours fly passed me like the birds from above. My "to-do" list circles my head as a hula hoop … Continue reading Lifeguard.