Just let the music speak for you… 🎶

👹 What if I let you in, and you don't like what you see? 'Cause it's not what it seems - let me tell you why... You have no idea, yeah, you've only seen a piece, But now it's underneath - no I cannot lie. Sometimes I get so frustrated. I've tried a million times … Continue reading Just let the music speak for you… 🎶

🎶 Me, Myself, & I 🎶

It's just me, myself and I - Solo ride until I die, Cause I got me for life. I don't need a hand to hold - Even when the night is cold, I got that fire in my soul. I don't need anything to get me through the night, Except the beat that's in my … Continue reading 🎶 Me, Myself, & I 🎶