“She loves me no matter what. He loves me no matter what.” -Calum Scott I've always had a list of things in my head; what to do, what not to do. What hurts, what fills up the emptiness. What breaks down, what rebuilds - and the time difference between negative and positive is insane. "It … Continue reading Authoritarian,

That Big Red LABEL

I haven't really mentioned anything about my life directly in a little while, but good news is we are taking away the: Bipolar label! Now they just call me chronically depressed. 😕 I hate that they're right. Only sometimes though. Do you how hard it is? To have a stamp on your head, at age … Continue reading That Big Red LABEL

Just let the music speak for you… 🎶

👹 What if I let you in, and you don't like what you see? 'Cause it's not what it seems - let me tell you why... You have no idea, yeah, you've only seen a piece, But now it's underneath - no I cannot lie. Sometimes I get so frustrated. I've tried a million times … Continue reading Just let the music speak for you… 🎶

“Embrace yourself, and finally come to the conclusion that you are loved – and you can love yourself.” -Unknown

"You can never have too many reminders -- [you] are beautiful no matter what."-Alessia Cara I’m with you. I feel you girl. [Needing to vent] is where my blog came from, because at least if no one cared, the “likes” would still love be the same. I’ve realized that it’s when you’re exhausted, it’s when … Continue reading “Embrace yourself, and finally come to the conclusion that you are loved – and you can love yourself.” -Unknown

Catch a Panic

It's easy to catch panic around here lately. Maybe it's where I live. Maybe it's the grass that surrounds our home of bricks - Thrown into random weeds. Maybe it's the clutter that makes me feel closed in, But when i ask you, you say our home is clean. It might be in the breath … Continue reading Catch a Panic

Sunshine & Starlight

Yesterday, I walked up to their house in a hurry. I was about 10 minutes later than planned. My DD opened the front door - I was greeted by his Mini Aussie, named Ring and a strong, loving hug - the hug I've missed along this road. He felt better today since he was going … Continue reading Sunshine & Starlight

Invisible Outside.

Sjögren gets bored. And Fibromyalgia is a silent assassin. My moisture producing glands have been attacked Until They are completely annihilated. Every single mucosa membrane - dry. 3 years ago we got this answer. I was a competitive cheerleader. I used to lift people and defy gravity against all odds... but, 3 years into finding … Continue reading Invisible Outside.


When stress kicks off your flares, and your main girl gets so sick (she's broken out in more hives y'all), I can just hunker down and wait.. Here it comes: Stomach ache/food repulsion and aversion Joint pain Itchy skin Rib pain (costochondirtis) 😫 Skin pain Hair loss Ultimate exhaustion  Noise sensitivity Just to name the … Continue reading Sick.