Our Hearts Have Been Loved By You.

I will be honest, I have not gone to your gravesite yet.   You’re birthday is April 17. You we’re diagnosed with breast cancer on July 18, 2017. You became an Angel on July 15, 2018.   Everyone can remember a date if they try. I don’t have to try to remember the thousands of … Continue reading Our Hearts Have Been Loved By You.

Sunshine & Starlight

Yesterday, I walked up to their house in a hurry. I was about 10 minutes later than planned. My DD opened the front door - I was greeted by his Mini Aussie, named Ring and a strong, loving hug - the hug I've missed along this road. He felt better today since he was going … Continue reading Sunshine & Starlight

I’m Wrecked.

This last year has given me every reason to enjoy the people around me that are present. I think more people would do the same if they remembered that at anytime, we could lose someone we love. I don’t ask this much... but right now, I feel is a time that is appropriate to reach … Continue reading I’m Wrecked.

When Strength Wears Thin,

sometimes you just gotta cry "to water your soul." You're not breaking down because you're weak - "you've been too strong for too long." It takes a break from all this stress for someone to grow again. Stop hiding yourself for goodness sake. Isn't that what you said you would do? Show your demons? Be … Continue reading When Strength Wears Thin,

Invisible Outside.

Sjögren gets bored. And Fibromyalgia is a silent assassin. My moisture producing glands have been attacked Until They are completely annihilated. Every single mucosa membrane - dry. 3 years ago we got this answer. I was a competitive cheerleader. I used to lift people and defy gravity against all odds... but, 3 years into finding … Continue reading Invisible Outside.