Dear Future Me,

write to your future self with Spotify and Billie Eilish – click here

By now, I hope you know how hard I have worked to be exactly where you are.

By consciously remaining balanced, aligned, and centered in all that comes to be,

I hope that you have found your presence.
I hope by now that you know how brave you are.
I hope you REALIZE how much strength and courage it’s taken for you to get this far.
I hope you’re smiling as you bask in the sunlight or watch the moon and stars.
I hope that you know, without a doubt, you deserve all of them – the sun, the moon, and all of the stars.
I hope that you feel uncomfortable in this moment because you’ve found YOUR LIFE to live.
I hope that you’ve realized how little your comfort zone can offer you,
and I hope that you’ve found comfort in the pain that it takes to walk away from it.
I hope that your faith has proven its strength.
I hope you haven’t given up on yourself,
because you deserve life, love, and the pursuit of adventure no matter where you are.
I hope you accompany an epiphany in a permanent light where allowing others to treat you poorly just because you love them sounds absolutely bizarre – AND IS.

I hope that you love yourself as much as I love you,
you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you,
you see the warrior you’ve been made to become as a beautiful, desired, and deserving reality.

Don’t look back; your future is too bright. ✨



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