Everything At Once 🎶

Worried for my husband.

Packed an entire house.

Visited family.

Attempted with all of me to visit a “friend”. I believe that’s when we became no longer friends.

Came in and out of 2 flares.

Disassociated with reality to avoid a number of panic attacks.

Informed doctors of new information.

Drove 6 hours at a time 3 times within 72 hours –

The third drive included 3 dogs.

Moved to a big city.

Unpacked an entire house.

Am currently adjusting to a new climate – a much more beautiful, but still new, climate than the last.

Benefited from the new found humidity, zero dust, and have found food options that I didn’t know existed.

Lost my patience –

also lost my shit a couple times.

Am living a life that I’m most passionate for.

All within these last 30 days.



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