“The End of the World”

You feel it, right?

Allow me to say, you are far from alone. Isolation is an all too familiar feeling for all of us right now.

We all feel it. We all feel alone at the same time.

We are all over the quarantine. We are all over the coronavirus. We are all over 2020.

Let me ask you, though…

Have you allowed change in your heart, change in your mind, change in your habits?

If not, why?

Take this “time out” in life to find growth within yourself. Rediscover the love that you have for yourself.

Let us all return to the world as the best versions of ourselves. Let us each open our hearts and minds to new ideas – to change. Let us spread love as it is meant to be spread.

Let us each want more: more for ourselves, more for the people around us, more for a complete stranger, more for the community, more for the environment, more for our country.

Let every one of us reach to grab our full potential. Allow your shell to break open; find peace in your heart again.

Share your love with the world.

You deserve happiness. Create it for yourself, and don’t skip a single beat. Create it for the world to see, and imagine the love you will be open to receiving in return — you are worth it.



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