Art Misunderstood.

Art. It’s all for you to perceive, another will interpret the piece for themselves. Often, the two perceptions are incredibly different.

Isn’t that what makes art, well, art?

Opinions can become harmful for those who interpret the artwork in such a way that it was not composed from.

Different views. Different experiences. Different lives. One world. Aka eARTh 🌎

Point of this post? Random. Art? Sure. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mainly, a plea.

Please stay inside during this pandemic!! I’ve got to go on a short getaway to see a patiently awaited performance.. We are waiting for a rescheduled date and the downfall of this horrid illness. Please stay inside. Do your part to bring this pandemic to an end. We all need out of the house, and if we are patient, we will be able to SAFELY leave our homes to be part of the world again.



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