Happy Birthday Angel “of my life”.


Do you remember that? “Angel of my life”, “Light of my life”? I remember you referring to me as either – out at the ranch, in the kitchen, after you’d belly laughed at any of the conversations we used to have. Conversations about anything. You’re eyes were lights as you spent time with your loved ones.

I will always make it a point to remember the pure love in your laughter. I will always remember the joy that brightened your face, the way you opened your arms and soaked in every millisecond of our hug that your arms “just ached” for.

Now my arms ache for you. My life aches for you. You showed me how much love this world is able to offer; since we lost you here, I’ve been faced with more difficulties than I could begin to say. I never thought life could be so hard, so cold. You showed me how much more there is to this thing called life. You showed me that it’s all about what you make of it.

Happy Birthday, here on earth, to a beautiful Angel above. You showed me what joy is, how to see the beauty in the world, and most importantly, how to love without condition. This world is much more sad without you in it, but one day we will all meet again – and I’m so excited to see all that you will have to show me. 🤍🥺


I love you,

Your Sunshine

An added:

Songs from the birds flow through an open window and into my living room right now. With a cool breeze, that reminds me of the coffee mornings we had at the ranch. “Get you a jacket”, you’d say, and we would head onto a deck that overlooked a pond full of catfish, tall trees on either end – the barn fully in sight. Thank you for every memory, Mimi. Life with you was such joyful love.

You say life has lost it’s meaning,
And that’s true if you believe it,
But someday you will stand above your demons
You’re not beneath this.

If you write the story, then you’ll find out we’re all stuck on the same page.

‘Cause sometimes things will bend you,
But trust me you’ll be fine.
‘Cause I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb.
And life’s not out to get you;
Despite the things you’ve been through.
Because what you give is what you get,
And it doesn’t make sense to make do.

So pick yourself up.
You can’t change what’s been.
You must go on and learn while you live,
And when you see the signs saying hope is up ahead,
Then you’re right on track for a better end. ✝️

– “Gold Steps” by Neck Deep

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