A poem for a difficult week.

What’s the feeling you try, but can’t explain

The one that tends to block blood flow from your veins?

Oxygen suspended, like outer space

Go ahead, take a breath before you suffocate.

Call up your “friends” for breath and support

After all, that’s what they’re there for

Right? No, I forget, it’s on their accord

Which, conveniently, never seems to match yours.

Breathe in, now breathe it all out

You can’t breathe and you’re screaming out

For help, SOS, but they can’t hear you now

Be strong until your scream is loud…

…enough for someone to intervene

enough for you to be seen

enough for you to stop your screams


Until, you’re enough…

They say you are, but they won’t prove

How friendship isn’t something you lose

How love works, without any bruise

How time doesn’t matter when it’s someone you’d never use.

Don’t expect your love to be returned

But don’t expect to always be burned

Don’t forget your shine when you happen to learn

Someday comes, and it’ll be your turn.

Thank you, Brady. You’ve saved my life, you’ve helped me save myself, and you’ve been my soft place to fall since day 1. I love you. 💕



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