Autoimmune Disease

Some thing’s are better left unsaid.

How many times do I have to feel this pain?


Stop. Please just stop.

How many times must a girl’s heart break
Before she finally learns?
That every single word they say is fake
And when they leave, it burns
I’ve got nothing left so you can take it
Promise me you’ll tell me when you’re done
But if you find some hope you better break it
‘Cause baby, I don’t like what I’ve become

I don’t like the silence sleeping in between us
I don’t like the feeling when you make me jealous
I don’t like the weakness, I don’t like to lie
Hate the way you close down every time I cry
Every time I wanna talk you make it so impossible
Even when I’m innocent you’re holding me responsible
Strip another piece of me, take away my dignity
Never show me sympathy
Then maybe I will learn
Maybe I will learn

How many fires must a girl walk through
Before it finally rains?
Will she wake up on the other side
Once the water drains?
Tell me all this fighting has a meaning
‘Cause I can’t find the point in what we’ve done
If you care enough you, better leave me
‘Cause baby I don’t like what I’ve become

If I told you this was killing me, would you stop?

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