I’m never going to be THAT girl.

Composed and “PERFECT”.

I’m a jeans a tee kinda girl – with imperfect skin, scars galore, and improvements to be made. I’m sick all of the time, and REST is number one for me to continue to “human”. I’ve broken countless times, but the important part there is “countless”.

I choose to pick myself up, and try again.

I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m broken into so many pieces. Would be easy just to throw them away, but I don’t want to give up on feeling…”

I couldn’t tell you how many years of breaking and perfecting the art of making “whole again” it took for me to realize that a vital piece of the puzzle was missing…

Now that I’m shattered I’m all kinds of me, was knocked off the shelf but I’m also complete.


You may have a community of people who believe in you, but you will not finish the puzzle of YOU until the importance of believing in yourself is uncovered.

Flares are unexpected and ALWAYS unwelcome, but as a human with several autoimmune diseases, you have to constantly be prepared.

My current flare is the first one that I’ve ever had that has not kept me down.

Why is that important?

Because I found a way to relieve my pain.

I found a way to build my confidence,

to move my body through beneficial patterns for my posture and alignment,

to release unnecessary, yet built up stress that the world piles onto every person who walks on its surface,

to strengthen my muscles, in turn: the immune system, the “rebound time”, and to lessen the chances of catching an illness completely,

to stimulate neurotransmitters in my brain – benefiting my depression and anxiety,

to cleanse my body of unnatural and foreign substances, that wrecked havoc on my body’s system as a whole,

finally and most importantly,


All my scars are golden.

You must be your own biggest cheerleader, your own number one fan, your OWN happiness!

When you find that happiness, don’t let it go. No matter how difficult it may be to continue the task, to continue the process, to continue the pattern – FIND TIME TO DO JUST THAT.


I’ve been down and out with a flare, but I’m not taking these punches lying down! One day at a time. One step at a time. One slow forward push at a time. One active test at a time.

That equation equals success.

Don’t give up – the “giving up” “it’s not worth it” “this is easier” “I’m scared” equation equals failure.

Be scared, but do it anyways.

Be anxious, but make the stride anyways

Be fearful or broken or in pain, but do the work anyways!

Every chance you take to work on yourself, not only improves you in the chance’s way, but also strengthens your character AND CONFIDENCE.

Work it girl.

You got this.

You’ve had it the whole time. 😉

Make it beautiful and golden with grace, it keep a little strength to remind me: that even when I mess up – that mess is still me, was knocked off the shelf, but I’m also complete. I’m under the weather with no place to be, but maybe that’s just what I need – Kintsugi!

Are you in need of finding belief in yourself? Click Here to join me in my ways of coping with my health!!



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