Q: How am I ok with this??

A: Well, there are endless reasons, but let me begin by saying how PROUD I am of my husband! He hit his 30lb weight loss goal and is feeling and looking better than ever!

Explanation for my not being defeated, for my head held high, and my motivation to keep GROWING?

  • I have already had my most substantial weight loss moment – in the first month of beginning these programs:


Join me in my life changing journey!



  • During the first month, I gained muscle that I didn’t know I lacked. Muscle that was necessary for me to participate in life, and muscle that was needed to burn calories, in return, melting the fat away in its place.

From May to today, I have improved in ways that I didn’t know were possible…

  • I’m no longer sick at a constant rate.
  • My pharmacy (seriously) no longer knows me by name.
  • When I get sick, it doesn’t keep me down for nearly as long as an illness used to.
  • A flare up of symptoms (SjΓΆgren’s Syndrome/Fibromyalgia) and weather change no longer drop down into my path like a brick wall, blocking any forward progression for my life.
    If the above reasons do not state it clearly enough, I FEEL SO MUCH:
  1. Harder
  2. Better
  3. Faster
  4. Stronger

(Thank you for that quote Mr. West).

  • I’m able to move much easier than before because my flexibility has enhanced.
  • I’m able to do the “little things”, for example: carrying groceries inside from the car (yes it was that bad).
  • I have more stamina. I no longer have to lean on items or Brady in order to keep standing on my two feet when out in public.
  • My heart has grown, my lungs have relaxed, and breathing in general takes less control, less thought, and less effort.
  • My hair has taken off growing from putting healthy foods into my body, rather than sugar “and spice, and everything nice!”
  • I have more drive and motivation to continue for as long as possible in the day, to get as much done as i can, and I have gained the ability to do more than one task per day.
  • I sleep SO MUCH BETTER! Which in general, is something that all chronic illness patients NEED, but are often unable to achieve.
  • The symptoms of my flares and illnesses are actually manageable now. I’m able to function when i feel at my worst.
  • From 1(meaning none) – 10 (meaning kidney stones), I used to live at a 7, being fully reliant on pain meds and Tylenol just to be awake/fall asleep/fall back asleep/get out of bed… now I live at a 2 (somedays more, most days even less)!
  • My patience has increased to far more than 0. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
  • My memory and mind (when not in a flare) are much more sharp.
  • I crave water, not sugar!
  • I’ve learned portion control – unlike when I used to count calories, I’M NEVER HUNGRY!
  • My gut has regulated and doesn’t hurt/isn’t nauseous like before.
  • I’ve built muscles around each joint in my body, which is supportive for my joints and calls for less joint pain.
  • I have more energy than ever before (it’s still pretty low), but I WANT to go to the grocery store or to the movies or out to eat with my husband – a really cool addition to that is – I’m no longer afraid of getting sick!!
  • NO MORE SNORING IN THIS HOUSE! (Except from the dogs 🧑)
  • I have NEW FOUND CONFIDENCE!! Seriously… who would have thought??!!
  • My husband and I have fresh eyes for each other. (We have been in this journey together!!
  • My clothes fit better, my jeans are easy to put on (but I still don’t like wearing them!πŸ˜‚)
  • Next summer, I am DETERMINED to wear SHORTS! Guys… that hasn’t happened in YEARS!!!

These above reasons are just a few (seriously!) of how far I’ve come in my fitness journey.

So to get back to the question, how am I ok with this?!:

Progress not perfection! Progress is not measured in amounts – just according to the fact that you’re moving forward!


Hips and thighs? Progress.

Chest? Progress.

Stomach Area? Progress.

Back End? Progress.

Arms? Progress.

I’m ok with THIS because the “extra” fat has been melted off.

I’m ok with THIS because toning and small changes exist.

I’m ok with THIS because your organs need cardio, not just weight training.

I’m ok with THIS because compared to where I was in May, I’m not even the same person.

I’ve come so far from when (for years) I was more ill than I’ve ever been.

Am I where I want to be? Have I met my goal yet? NO!

I will never be “done” working on myself. There will forever be a “best version” of me that I will continue to strive for!

My husband said it, and I will second it 100%:

“Life happens, but what you do [and where you go] is in YOUR hands!”

Hang in there to all of my spoonies!! Anyone who is interested in joined my husband and I can fill out a form at: β˜€οΈHERE ✨

Feel free to add me on Facebook and Instagram!! I track progress from me, my husband, and my team!

Remember: No one said it’d be easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it… they just said it’d worth it.

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