Talk About You.

Purposely, you stabbed me with your words,

And let them run about my mind.

You found my most buried obstacle

That tortured me through seemingly endless time.

You knew how far to force your words,

just enough to leave your conscience clean.

You’ve brought about a fresh, new wound,

That I’ve got no will to grieve.

I pushed this obstacle the furthest away,

Hidden deep in my darkest thoughts.

Confidently, I turned my back

on the deepest betrayal I’ve fought.

Sometimes in this battle of life,

you come to trust a friend,

Dear friend, words aren’t always “just words”,

but agony you’ve started again.


Sometimes, I’m insecure, and I really wish I wasn’t. Sometimes I let people get to me, and it makes me upset – I wish it didn’t.

By allowing these things to happen, I’m allowing others to take away from all of the love that I have for my life – just the way it is.

I’m exactly where I am supposed to be right now. ❤️



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