Turn the pain into power.

Can we just let the ponytail speak for us on this one?😂👱🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️

Dottie gets so excited when she hears “wanna work out?”. She runs to grab her ball, and knows to stay on the ottoman… but she sleeps… So if anyone knows what work out she’s doing, could you give a girl an update? 🤔😳


Y’all… flaring up bad. Stressors big in life. Always all at once, right? And all i really want to do (Dottie*coughcough*) is sleep. BUT I WONT LET ME let myself down!! 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️🏆 Started getting the flare pains in every inch of my muscles this morning… so you know what I said? “It’s time to get back to [working out] – regardless of how horrible I feel right now!!”

AND, not only did I GO UP in weights, but I also pushed further than the normal “time to modify”!!

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop quitting!” Absolutely anything not to feel that flare pain again!! So if you have a friend with a chronic illness, if I can do this, they can too! “Everyday, every hour, turn that pain into power!”

4 thoughts on “Turn the pain into power.

  1. Fight through the pain! I’m proud of you for getting stronger everyday and for being motivation for others that are through similar experiences. You have the beauty of an angel and the heart of a champion all in one! ☺️😉💚

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      1. Be strong. Probably something you hear people say all the time, but I can tell you what I see in your eyes in your photos. Their is fierceness behind the blue beauty. Something that says “I’m more than what I seem”. Embrace that power and fight 💪👊🙌
        Take care, Bailey. Stay golden ❤️☺️

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      2. Why you want me to cry? 😉😂

        I’ve been away from this place for a little while. Needed to take a break. It all became so real, the heartache rushed to the surface, and I’ve been terrified to look much deeper than the surface since.

        I know people say that you should write about what you’re most terrified to write about, but I was falling apart at the seams in every direction. So for my own well being I’ve let my mind wander for a bit.

        You know when you’re the common denominator in relationships, school, jobs… falling apart, you really begin to question yourself. When you question yourself, there isn’t much good to follow in your mind.

        I guess I had a lot of strengthening to do since my Mimi has last been here. It’s been a constant battle with myself, but I might be coming around.

        I’m working it out. It’s not supposed to be easy. Before you can be strong, you must be weak and vulnerable. You know then what you’re protecting the most, and you are able to cradle the parts of you that feel the smallest and least capable. That’s the only way for you to learn, to grow, to better yourself, and to know what is truly the most important of qualities that you have. Sometimes others may not treasure those same qualities, though, because they don’t know how much and how long you’ve worked to hold them for yourself.

        Others don’t quite see the beauty of things that just are as they are. The simple things. The things that don’t have to try. Like sunshine, or a rose bush. They both have their defenses to them, but that shows us all that while we walk on this earth, we must also be beautiful, while holding our defense close to our hearts. Guard your heart, the Bible even says.

        It comes and goes in waves. I’m mainly fighting and screaming loudly for stability. I think, other than Brady, I’ve finally got someone to hear me. Someone that sees how much I actually need the guidance, because after all, I’ve been protected from more than I could know for my lifetime. Now those prayers are gone, they’ve turned into songs that the angels sing. My DD explained to me that it’s all a test in faith. He said when you make the choice to bear your cross, you open a door for the enemy to swarm your head, your heart, your entire world. He’s tried to take too much from me, but he won’t win. He’s yet to budge me from where I stand, nor will he be able to.

        Actually, here as of recent, I’ve felt life running inside of my veins again. It’s a nice feeling to stand up tall, to know that you can do it.

        You stay golden as well, Trey. 💛
        It takes time to realize the fight that you have within. You have to realize your strength far before you gain the ability to stand guard with the power that comes from above. I think you know what I’m talking about. I have a feeling that you, also, are somewhere along the same path in your own journey. 💙💙


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