Happy Eighth Birthday, PopPop!


Your eighth birthday hasn’t been exactly as you hoped for, I know. I’m so glad that you have some good doctors, though, and you’re getting taken care of well! (With all of these meds, you may be having a pretty good time today 😂).

You’ve been a soft place for me to fall through so many emotional ups and downs, I hope they I can be that for you right now as you go through this. Today has been the best that we could have made it for you:

Heating pad


Couch equipped with stairs



Your brothers

Your sister

Daddy and Mama

A visit from out-of-town Gramaw

Some wishes from Aunt J and Gramaw

Lots of naps

And soon “night nights” with Mama, ramp up to bed included!

That’s what I would call the perfect birthday if I was a chiweenie. Im sorry we aren’t allowed to give you any treats….😔 no one wants your back to get worse, the opposite actually!

Hang in there, Wenny! You’re being so tough, and we are so proud of you! You’re mama’s girl and you’ll never be less!

Happy Birthday, baby little! The biggest wish of the day – we wish many more birthdays to come for you, sweet angel!

Daddy and Mama love you so much!!

(August 2009👆🏼)



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