Reach Out To Someone.

When it hails on the windows,

The wind pushes the ice to an angle,

The sky lights up with lightening,

The thunder amplifies it’s cry.

“Look at me here! Now listen, please. Hear me this once. I beg of you. Just look, I’m here!…

…Why did I even show? They complain when I don’t, and they complain when I go…”

We are so capable, as human beings, to make ourselves and those surrounding comfortable, happier. We can teach them to grow and provide the water as a lifeline.

A lifeline. Each individual is as unique as the next. No one is the same as YOU. No one can say those words like YOU. No one can implement these verbs like YOU!

How do you know though?

Because you are?

Because I said?

Because they know, you read, but no one reacted. And no one’s face changed. No one can hear you. And who is to blame…?

You. So how do you know?

Do you know when you get that phone call? It’s the Mayo Clinic, and you’ve been accepted.

Youve been and will be ignored.

Reach out to someone, and please spread the word. Autoimmunity is far under researched. It’s beyond – barely heard.

You’ll think you have found an answer, and maybe you have!

Then why do you fall such short of breath,

Why is your pain so bad?

It’s only when breathing becomes short and stairs are no longer an option,

You’ll find yourself looking for help far away,

Looking for open ears,


With mixed emotions



Not a clue where to start,


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