You’re on my nerves.

So the tears fall as they will, and irritability continues to be my voice, no matter the force given against it.

Hey guys,

I want to update you now while able, because lately texting/typing/writing has been incredibly painful.

I’ve had neuropathy for the past (at least) 4 weeks, without many moments of relief.

My muscles seem weaker at the moment, and knots in “trigger spots” are worsening, tightening.

I’m beyond the words “beyond exhausted” – and mom’s everywhere will be annoyed to the highest point for that one complaint.

Upon all of the seemingly hours that pass as seconds, with every breath I breathe and exhale to feel electrical pain from my shoulders down to my finger tips, along every door that I force open for my skin to hurt as it rests on top of the bedsheets – while I try to rest (the best I can), and as every past year of my life has gotten me to this moment I’m finally/actually/anxiously/tiredly/INSANELY losing my ever loving mind.

Prayers would be wonderful. Good vibes. Love sent. Precious thoughts. Anything you are able to brush my, and my family’s way, would be more than wonderful.

April is Sjögrens Awareness Month.

Our biggest family get together happened every year on Easter by Mimi’s planning and love.

And her birthday falls on the 17th.

Never knew I could lose my sense of direction on a lit pathway.

I’m just plainly going insane – inside of this body that I long to walk away from.

Hang tough, y’all.

I’ll …. somehow do the same if I find any strength possible to it muster up.

“When the tears come streaming down your face,

‘Cause you lose something you can’t replace.

When you love someone, but it goes to waste –

Could it be worse?”

“And lights will guide you home,

And ignite your bones,

And I will try to fix you.”

-“Fix You” by Coldplay



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