Hurt me, hurt you.

“Can you feel the way you sound?”*


Because you’re hurting me.


different though…..


than normal pain.

Whatever that may be… All of that Fibromyalgia/Sjögrens Syndrome crap like every other time, I guess.


I get lost in other people’s minds, quite often. Usually come to find that my side is far too active to process the world as I’ve believed I’ve done…


The feels of everyone stick to me. These people leave lasting impressions on my heart.


To process the world anyways,

You need to know what the world’s influenced by the absolute majority…..


And as it turns out, you can not only feel the way you sound, but you can see it too – as every musical note dances down your arms and scattered words that could become sentences if you wanted to make them be, fall down from your mind to the ground as you cry.


You hurt you too.


I love you though. And I know what it’s like, so you don’t have to explain. Just shush your words if they start to become a thought, and lay your head down for rest.


It’s going to be ok.

And it will. It always has been for me.



Girl, perfectly her, broken and hurt,
Soft and asleep in the morning gray.
Shake off the night and don’t hide your face.
The sun lights the world with a single flame.
I want you to see this.
Today and all of your days,
I’ll wear your pain.
Heal what I can in your troubled mind
Sometimes our bodies will hurt for some time,
And the beauty in that can be hard to find
I want you to find it.
I want you to see this.
So run, wake up and run my little one.
I wanna tear down these walls that can’t hold you inside,
And rip out the cords and uncover your eyes.
We’ll make our escape in the dark of night.
I need you to see this.
Girl, You’ll see the world and you’ll come to learn
That falling in love is a strange work of art.
All of your battles will shape who you are,
And know that your scars are my favorite part.
I want you to know this.

-“Girl” by SYML






*”Nothing Left To Lose” by FIELDS

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