(He is the only one

who has spent his time to know me

and my family —

something no one else has cared to do.)

It took no hesitation for him to dive blindly into deeper seen shades of vibrancy.

(Now) ten years deep into a belief never questioned

and not once considered to abandon,

Somewhere along the way a wall has fallen,

and the path to my heart rose free of every splinter and ache.

(A room that only I and the Lord have accessed and known.)

And so

He’s found all that there is to know:

my ins and my outs and

lights and darks and

color running above.

It had been so cold and unknown –

hidden only to call my own,

but the warmth of his heart –

beating (now part)

warmed all of mine.

Like no other,

Day one he saw the place he craved to know. He chipped away at the wall,

until he stood in the place of that wall’s obstruction.

Finally open and rightfully won to call his.

He held his breath as he dove into my veins — weaving in and out of the flow of my life, pushing his hand into the walls of the vessels to and from my heart.

His print matched the one engraved, before I was ever known.

He spun circles in my lungs that tickled, and made me giggle.

(He still does that, too.)


He inhaled my oxygen that flowed through arteries,

an exhale saved for filter in the circles that he spun.

With his carbon dioxide held deep, he rode with the current of my heart beating, each cell that he met, needing

what he dared not taint- until it was safe.

Until I was safe.

Back and forth through the circles of my lungs,

He lends his aid in every way,

He claimed any broken part, and still hems every bit of wear, repairing a broken heart he’d worked so diligently to know.

He signed his name inside of my every pathway, purposely to tell others:

“she’s safe now, you cannot break her anymore”.

He took his guard of my heart – from then on to forever to be call his home.

And just the same I did to him…

“You reached into my

soul and rearranged

the position of

my bones; you rebuilt my

rib cage so

your heart could be



We grew together as we intertwined, as we let the flow take us where it may.

In every single way, we tangled together our support of life, our body’s only way to bend and heal never again to break. Bending and twisting and tying and knotting, together forever in life and death.

We said our vows on a day of flurries.

Staring into the eyes of the other, with a flicker of one single candle burning to my left —

I felt him pull the belief out in me, the faith and hope of a life I never knew I could have, as I promised my best of his ways.

On that day, within our tangled mess of holding each other into place,

God wove himself so neatly in and out of the arteries and veins we tied together, untangling the best of our mess, and

as we stood in a cherished moment, with a faint Jason Mraz playing for everyone else (gazing at our hands held tightly – if only they could see inside of our hearts).

It was that unforgettable moment —

God bound us together,

a promise to never be broken, alone again.

Proof as he and I stood hand in hand,

sealed perfectly then,

as 2013 would tell it:

A lovely braid became of tangled vessels, bound

because “a triple braided cord is not easily broken”

‭‭(Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:12‬)

Ive always wondered.

I’ve always asked.

No one else has ever stayed so long,

what could be so different here and now?

It became clear in our 10th year from day 1 –

Hard work and rightfully won –

He chipped away an intimidating wall – untouched.

Resulting in a deep and indescribable understanding of each other,

As I too broke away the beginnings of his.

He got me.

He gets me.

He sees me, he feels me, he breathes me, he needs me, and we move, synchronized, in trust and in love to the beat of the One Above.

He gets me.


I get him back,

because all along, I cared to know him just the same.

Two hearts,

one world,

and with infinite protection from Our Father above:

We have fallen into an endless love.



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