Accommodation. A Quick Check In. 💜

Ive been stumbling over my words and thoughts. I haven’t left my site! I’m just in a place right now that is, for some reason, difficult to endure. A huge state of a tilting floor where balancing has proven to be more than a challenge. Trying to fit in, trying to figure out why people randomly cut me away from their lives as if we never had a 8+ year friendship. Realizing that I’ve been doing the same things that were done to me, said to me, belittling, and picking apart, because you’re (who tells me that I’m picking apart) not good enough – when I truly have every good intention.

Baseline: good intention is not enough anymore. Being yourself is not good enough anymore. Accommodation? There’s no such thing. Friends? I’m not so sure those exist anymore either.

Just a rough patch. Trying to find the meaning of “Bailey” and the purpose that comes along side.

I’ll see ya soon guys!!



2 thoughts on “Accommodation. A Quick Check In. 💜

  1. Hey, pretty lady! Friends are definitely hard to hold on to. Sometimes they expect so much out of you when you only can give a little. My time away from everyone overseas has made me this distant person. It’s like I got back home, but not all of me. I never check on the people I love like I use to before that and they fault me for it. They don’t understand that I the lives we live has changed us, but we still love them the same. I know you have lived a much different life than mine, but we can relate in a lot of ways. Just know that you are a wonderful person while you go through these strained times in your relationships with friends and loved ones. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you are because of what you have to live with. Don’t let anyone dampen your smile because that part of you is worth more than a thousand words. Take care, Bailey. I’ve always got you back 😊

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    1. Forgive me for the late response!! I’ve been in some type of weird state of avoidance towards my emotions… I think they’ve actually gotten above where I can organize them into thoughts and plus? I really just don’t want to think about all of it😫

      My gosh, i can’t even begin to imagine!!! I’ve always heard about leaving parts of you behind, overseas, when you go out with the military. Please do not hesitate to ask for help, Trey. Many men believe that asking for help “lowers their worth” because they have to give up their pride – but actually? Asking for help is the bravest thing that you could do.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s been rough. I’ve lost a lot of people in a period of about 2 years… I really didn’t think (in most cases) that people could actually say something and not mean it or not follow through. Just the thought, bewilders me…
      I have always swam oceans for those who won’t even step across a puddle for me – because that’s what friends do. If you wouldn’t do that, then you have no business calling yourself my friend. (Not you, just explaining. Lol). I know you know what i mean!

      Your words mean so much to me – I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels just to have SOMEONE that isn’t expected to, but WANTS to have my back. So thank you. I also have yours!!! Smiles have been stung away lately, unfortunately. But I think I’m on the road back up!! God has walked me through this huge valley of self realization, and I think he’s ready to give me a breath of fresh air. I hope at least. 😂😂😅 My health is a daily struggle, as is all that you have on your back right now… let me tell you this though- “the mountain you are carrying, you were only meant to climb.” 😉
      Hang in there Trey. We will get through our emotions together. ❤️


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