My comments are on defense —

Don’t take it personally.

As of Christmas Eve, this year,

There’s too much damage to see.

Jesus says “LOVE EACH OTHER”;


I’m no one to judge for myself

As I feel my heart has shifted.

This world has the offensive line

Since my defense left me high and dry.




And believers.

Pick one and stick –

Be warned, however, if you choose the latter,

You’ll end up with my same walls

And a heart completely shattered.

Pain will change you.

Pain mixed with loss will break you.

God will never put you in a place that you are not equipped to handle — WITH His help.


The law of life: Love each other as HE has loved us.


Be kind.

Everyone is going through a battle you know nothing about.

You can try to hide all the pain inside
But your home is not the one you need tonight
I can try to hide all the pain inside
But I’m lying on the kitchen floor tonight” – “Kitchen Floor” by All The Rest





2 thoughts on “Offense

  1. With HIS help is how we get through it all. We aren’t meant to shoulder the weight of the world alone. He wants our praise. He wants us to ask Him for help. A 76 year old man told me something. He said that we are put through these hard times so they we may come back to His love. He wants us to know that even though the whole world is against us, He will always be here for us.

    I’ve come across a lot of people recently that have given me Godly advice. Advice I would have never seek if I wasn’t going through my dilemma. It’s just such an eye opener how these people have stumble in my life through what I could consider coincidence, right when I need them to. I know it’s more than that.

    So you and I and many others are going through our own storms right now and we all have our part to play in it all. I’m blessed to have met you, Bailey. I may seem distant at times, but I keep you near and dear as many people should. Thanks for sharing your pains and joys with us. I think you can be inspiration to many if you seek to do so. You’re wonderful and that’s the bottom line. Anyone says different, you smile at them and rest easy knowing that they really don’t know you and their opinion doesn’t matter.

    Take care pretty lady. Thanks for the post. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 🙌👍😀❤️

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    1. My sweet friend,
      Good grief, I’m trying so hard not to cry my eye drops out right now!!! Ha!
      Anthony, I cannot thank you enough. It’s amazing what you find at the end and new beginning of a season in your life. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-12, 14-15 NLT):,14-15.nlt

      When I lost my Mimi, I searched for something to help both me and my DD to get through her loss. When people lose a loved one, some tend to get angry at God for “taking them” so I knew I had to keep my DD close to the Only One who could get him through this. I was led to an amazing assortment of devotionals on .

      There is a season for everything. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-12, 14-15 NLT):,14-15.nlt

      I’m not so sure that the world is against us… but the man you spoke with is not wrong, either. From what I can understand so far, God made man to care over the Earth.

      We only have one instruction (all commandments can be summed into one), love your neighbor as you love yourself. (Galatians 5:13-15 NLT):

      We must only follow God, though the serpent is lurking, testing, and tempting you to turn your back on God & his son Jesus. (Side note: God will never test us, only put us into situations that are beneficial to our well being, even if we may not understand right now – “someday we will”. God is a light in any darkness, so darkness does not truly exist – He can use all situations, no matter how dark, for the good of His children (ourselves).

      Jesus came to the world as an example of how we must live. He never once sinned. (John 13:13-17 NLT):

      We are meant to love everyone – and exactly as you said, my grandfather told me the other day: “Love everyone. Everyone! And if someone calls you ugly names and talks badly of you, you look at them and simply say “I’m sorry that you feel that way because I think well of you.” Walk away, and continue to love them.

      We are to walk as Jesus walked. To build our endurance (in preparation for Heaven), we are intended to go through the emotions that Jesus also shared with us. There is no pain that goes to waste. And God also asks us to ask Him for wisdom. “Wisdom will save your life” and he will not rebuke you for asking Him for any such thing. (Search that website. It’s an amazing tool that I use on a daily basis now.)

      The road to Hell is a highway paved with good intention, while the road to Heaven is a staircase, lined with good works. God knows that we are human. He made us! He knows that we will sin, but each sin is building our endurance for our eternal Home. He will forever be a loving and forgiving Father to anyone who believes in His name, reads His word, and follows His direction (and who asks Him for forgiveness too, of course.)

      Now that you’ve dried your eyes out reading my novel-like response:😬🤷🏻‍♀️🥰

      I don’t believe that any such person or else wise that you have encountered has been a coincidence. It’s far more than that.

      Everyone is always going through something that is not obvious to others. We are all broken in our own ways, and God uses other people who have had the same pain, to help guide and speak to those currently feeling that pain. He will speak to us in any form that we can and will receive.

      Anthony, I have always appreciated your kind, encouraging, understanding words. And I also have kept you near and dear. You are a “pen pal” that I also am blessed to have come across. I do not have many on my side in this life because of all that they cannot understand, which is greatly unfortunate and hurtful – hint: this post. The only option is to get through it with my Heavenly Father’s guidance, while thanking him for all that he has given me, because you can always have less.

      I hate what you are enduring at this moment. Let it hurt. So many people say “it’ll be ok!” “Look for the positive!” But right now may not be time for you to see any such thing. Pain breaks you down so that you can see what would have not been able to in your precious viewpoint.

      I hope to always hear from you in between your most difficult moments. I appreciate you checking in, because I would be lying to say that I don’t worry for you.

      I think right now, my job, or purpose, is to tell my story. I’ve run from it for so long, because it’s made people run away, fall distant and then disappear. All disappear. Hint: this post. For another one, but there will always be something – because that’s life!

      I’ve told my mom in pain and heartache: “I just can’t catch a break!”
      And her response is always: “Bailey, of course you can’t! If you caught a break, life wouldn’t need you anymore.”

      You are an inspiration to many and I hope you continue to be. You’ve told me over and over – use that pain and your experience for writing. Get it all out. (Some of your greatest writings require the most emotion behind the words.)

      Keep your smile, friend! You have a very nice one! And don’t come down on yourself. This did not happen for anything that you could have control of. It’s ok to hurt. It’s ok to be broken. BUT it’s not ok to stay that way. 😉

      You take care as well, and I apologize that it took me so long to respond! I will check back more often. I’m trying to determine a direction for my next writing…🙂

      The holidays were difficult. As a first one without my Mimi. A week before Christmas, Brady actually lost his grandfather too. So this season has been nothing short of difficult. But it’ll all be ok. 🙂 Just keeling my sights on what and who matters.

      You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope to see you back more regularly again soon! (Take all of the time that you need. You don’t need my permission though 😂😂😅). Seeya soon!🥰☺️💖

      In the meantime, I’m not sure what type of music you like, but I have a song on repeat right now that have lyrics I think you would appreciate. It’s by Lifehouse. The song is “Storm”.

      I know that many of the things in this comment can and maybe even should be countered. However, I speak only from my own experiences in hopes for other’s to heal.

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