Sunshine Award #2?!

You guys are amazing to me!

Thank you to for the nomination!

I’m going to answer your questions, and I’ll put some questions up too, and anyone can answer in the comments here!

Changing the rules a tad, but only because I nominated some people already 😉

Questions for me

My earliest memory…

I’m not sure to be honest… it gets difficult to separate what I’ve been told from the actual memories.n

Most frightening memory…

My first haunted house….. um. It was horrible! (Not too deep just due to Halloween) 🤷🏻‍♀️

If money wasn’t an option…

I would love to have a room just for meditating.That would be so awesome! Centering your mind and body is an absolute KEY in getting through your days with an autoimmune disease.

The luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me…

my husband. ❤️

I’m usually late… which is crazy because I was always super early about a year ago...

maybe its because of the packing of my own dang needs “just in case”… I have to be prepared  

Growing up, we had…

A yorkie, a Maltese, a pug

My husband…

Is most definitely who inspires me to be better.

The best compliment I’ve ever had…

Most definitely that my “personality is infectious with happiness”. When I hear someone tell me that, I feel good about the way that I present myself and about how i come across to people.

Something people are obsessed with that I don’t get the point of…

Babies babies babies!!! I’m speaking for the autoimmune community, and somehow that makes no sense at all… because being a mother was once my number 1 dream for 23ish years of my life. When Brady and I realized that we are unable to have children, i began thinking about how difficult it would be for me to take care of myself and my husband and all of my fur kids WITH a baby. If anything, I need MORE sleep – less sleep would…uhhhhhhh😭

I think rather than annoy, it just frustrates me seeing others have my one and only dream that I had for my life. It’s very hurtful to see. Difficult for sure.

Something I’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t yet…

We’re going medical here …. A SLEEP STUDY that every doctor wants me to do. NO! I don’t get the point and they’ve all explain why. I don’t sleep well. The illnesses I have ALREADY HAVE CONTROLLED STUDIES saying: “with _______, patient does not fall into a normal pattern of REM sleep.”

Use their damn study. No way. (Forgive my French). This could be the answer the the previous question too. 🤔

What is the best thing that happened to me last week…

I can’t remember the reasoning behind why I JUST NOW ate a food that I’ve become allergic too…. last week is in my head somewhere, but my short arms can’t reach it! I’m sorry!!

Questions for anyone! (Answer in the comments☺️)

1 Since you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune or other illness, have you had a good support system?

(If you do not have an illness, do you feel like you have a good support system in general?)

2 Are you on any food restriction “diets”? (That word is awful!)

3 Are you a social bird or a shy butterfly?

4 What is the immediate thing you turn to after becoming upset or suffering a panic attack?

5 After the largest change in your life, were you able to keep your job or hobby?

6 Do you have an allergy to anything? What is it?

7 Dogs or cats? Do you have any of either of them?

8 What is the coolest or your favorite place that you’ve ever gone to?

9 Do you have close friends? If so, how many?

10 Did you go to college and graduate? If not, what held you back?

11 HOW IS IT ALMOST CHRISTMAS ALREADY? Do you have your shopping done?

Thank you so much again for the nomination, I’m truly appreciative of your kindness!!

“I know nothing about…

Its like skinny dippin in my jeans –

You get wet, but you don’t get clean.

Quit pullin

my ankles

are already too deep –

It’s like skinny dippin in my jeans.






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