Got me lyin’ for your love.

Am I losing myself

When I’m lyin’ for your love?

“When you’re angry, you’re at your weakest because you’ve been victimized

Artist Unknown

And when you’re raging, it’s like you’re fighting for your life.

Anger = Hurt, Fear, or Frustration – or a combination of the three.

Why do people feel these things?

In the silence we drown

Sometimes violence, she makes no sound


Just a shadow in the darkness

And the darkness devours

In the silence.

It’s pent up inside.

One way that can happen is that sometime in your life,

early on, you have been victimized, like as a child.

You’ve been the subject of: physical abuse, sexual molestation, abandonment, emotional abuse…

any of these things where you know you’re being hurt,

but you’re powerless to fight back.


and when that happens, that builds up inside and it


and it


until you get in a situation where you don’t have to take it anymore from anybody.”

-Dr. Phil (S17 E6)

I was in chains, I was in fire,

I was in deep, I was a liar,

Dyin’ for your love

I was insane, I was so blinded,


Nothing remains, I didn’t mind it,

Lyin’ for your love.”

-“Lyin'” by Bishop Briggs




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