This life boils down to love.

It’s quite straightforward. As life is stripped of it’s pretty colors, is there truly another reason?


Love in itself is beautiful – full of colors and light. Darkness is defeated by an everlasting safety. In love, forgiveness is found, and suffering, hurt, and pain is demolished. There are no more questions or lies.

Living through a “life” of temporary madness may have one benefit —

“The thing about suffering, is it makes the sweet moments so much sweeter.”

-Kara Tippets

Love the people around you. Stand beside them; do not wait at the finish line as they attempt to catch up.

As you stand beside them, never waiver. Discard your emotion from effecting your love. Rid yourself from any disguise that may hide away your love and support for your loved one. Do not waiver, instead steadfast in the prints of your feet.

I will make everything around me beautiful – and that will be my life.”

–Elsie Dewolfe

My life is made from, through, out of, and in love.

And so, of love, it will be.



24 thoughts on “Love.

      1. I’m good! Just had a birthday yesterday 😊 My family is doing good too. And of course I think of you. You’re a wonderful person and one of the reasons I’m happy to be in the bloggersphere 😁
        As for your next topic…just write whats on your heart or maybe on something you’ve been thinking of lately. Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, but we are actually surrounded by it in our every day lives.

        Looking forward to reading whatever it is you write, Bailey!

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      2. Aw thank you!!! I love to read your blogs as well. You’re very talented, Trey(😉)!
        Well happy belated birthday!! I hope it was wonderful!! And I’m glad your family is doing well also!
        Next topic… I usually do that. Just write what’s in my heart. I have so much inspiration around me, I’ve just been grieving still so I don’t want to, first stir up all of that emotion, and second, have it turn up negatively. So I’m trying to wait for it to blow over.

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      3. Thanks for keeping my real identity a secret 😎😉😜 Haha Thanks for the compliment though! I like to write and I just want to keep doing to enhance my writing muscles 💪 Grief is one heck of a thing to deal with, for sure. I think it’s good to get these things out of our system no matter if it’s a good or bad. For example, I have a notebook I carry in my bag that I write poetry or comments down in and it’s just me. I just like to get the emotion out on paper sometimes. You can even make it digital instead and use a keyboard. I know how your hand aches at times so that may be easier for you.

        Or just wait it out. I’m just happy to hear from you is all 😁

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      4. That’s nice of you to say. Thank you ☺️

        And you remember that my hand aches?? Wow!!! You have a remarkable memory!!!

        I usually use my phone or iPad. Just because it’s there and I can grab it and save things as drafts to finish later!☺️
        Texting/typing is easier for me. My thumbs start popping though 😂 when I move over my 7plus’ keyboard 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ but that was sweet of you to remember.
        I think I have a deeper one than what I thought brewing up. We will see. I try to avoid feeling “extra” because apparently (yep) I’m already “too” sensitive. And I’ll admit that that’s true in SOME cases. Ha!

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      5. Yeah, I remember lots about you, silly 😋. I make it a point to remember things about all my friends 😉😁 Feel free to feel whatever you want here, Bailey! Just let the magic flow, sunshine! We’re all waiting for your next post 🤩😁!!

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      6. You’re post was great. You shared a lot of yourself with us. Sometimes we just have to let it flow. Thanks for opening the door to your world..the good, bad, and everything in between.

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      7. I really am so thankful that others can appreciate another’s words. You said “everything in between”, and to be able to completely appreciate writing as a form of art, you do, actually, have to read between the lines. I’m planning more, but I think… I need to be careful how they are worded.

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      8. Take your time! Finding the words to express yourself and what’s on your mind can come across far-fetched or offensive. Of course there’s nothing you can post that I would put in either category, Bailey. Dig deep and release. Hope you have a great weekend!

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      9. Not sure how this comment slipped passed me!?

        Thank you Trey. That’s very kind of you!

        And it does take a second – to think of the correct way to word things!! There has been some stuff going on that I don’t really want to let everyone in on (nothing “bad”), I just don’t want to be judged as I always have been. I did open up somewhat to feeling that way. I think there’s much cbg lllo

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      10. We talk on a regular basis so it’s not hard to miss a comment here or there 😅 Yeah, judgement of others can hold you back from sharing your true emotions in your writing. I think you should still get those feelings penned though, just not here maybe. Writing helps me release ALOT of that in which o tend to hold in. Sometimes I try to disguise how I feel with metaphors and subliminally getting out my agression or other feelings. It takes a little more creativity to do so, but it’s worth the distraction sometimes. Or just keep that online dairy handy and release your feelings their. Also though, despite how angelic you are, people know you’re just as human as any of us and that you love in the Lord. Ignore others judgemental eyes or words because their is only one Judge that matters. Be free to be you knowing thay, Bailey. Take care, sunshine!

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      11. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments. Always so positive!

        I hold things in until I explode with pure animosity often. Which is where this blog comes in…
        I’m quite impressed with myself because your comment of how angelic I am releases your hidden view of the comments or metaphors that I often put here in writing that hints to a deeper meaning – anger, sadness, hurt, judged. 😄
        If I can get that passed you – whew! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
        I decided yesterday that who reads my blog is not up to me. Though I love seeing the views, it’s not worth hiding my belief and love in that one true Judge. The Lord has brought me into this world, and he has given me the passion to write. To hide that would be nothing short of disrespectful.


  1. Haha! We love all and any emotions here in the bloggershpere. We welcome pain, anguish to sexuality and happiness. This is the only place one can come and never be put on trial, I think. So Bailey..Let it rip!! 😂😁😋

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  2. Thank you Trey. This post, is written after what I believe my Mimi’s legacy is. She beamed of love. She laughed, acted, smiled, spoke, walked, believed, and left all through love.

    I think the world has plenty of love. An overflow actually.

    However, the people of this world choose not to see it. Instead, they follow the evils of this life to a large fault. There is a truth in The Word of our Father. And depending on what you believe or who you believe in, it still is made purely of love and good intention.

    Evil will attempt to turn our eyes. And too many of us are not standing for anything, so they allow their eyes to follow – just as all evil wants.
    And the evil takes the love away from the sights of those who follow.

    “Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”

    Too many fall for anything.

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      1. Happy you’re letting your writing capture your emotions. Some of a writer’s greatest work comes at a time when all you have is that emotion. Don’t be afraid to just let it flow, Bailey 🙂

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  3. I can feel the love from here, Bailey. The world needs more of it, honestly. Somehow, it got lost in likes and false images of self and I hope one day we all can be there for each other, although I’m afraid it won’t be anytime soon. All the more reason to keep love ones close. Take care sunshine 🙂

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