You Will Shine Forever.

What a beautiful angel you are. What a precious soul you have. You made this world a better place with your love. We will forever be grateful for the time we had with you, the memories we’ve made with you, and the bonds that we share. You are an inspiration to forever love the little things and to care for God’s creation. Heaven gained some sunshine on the day that our hearts lost yours – but your love that you shared with this world will forever shine on.

July 15, 2018



This blog is a place in which I can release my emotions, worries, successes, and life. I place this as an entry so that my memory will never fade of her beauty. I place this as an entry because of the impact that my Mimi made on me in my 26 years of life. I place this as an entry because I never want to regret something that was not said, that maybe should have been.

2 thoughts on “You Will Shine Forever.

  1. Such a beautiful tribute for Gay.
    I remember throughout my childhood holidays at Grandpa Fincher’s house in Guymon that Gay was always a sweet, soft spoken person. She had a warmth to her that made you feel comfortable and connected anytime you spoke with her.
    I am praying for you and your entire family as you endure mourning such a tremendous loss.
    We’re never ready to let go of those whom we love so deeply, even if we want their suffering here on earth to end.
    Aunt Gay is definitely going to be a guiding light, an Angel, in Heaven watching over all of you.
    Hugs and prayers to you and yours. ❤

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    1. She would love to have read this, how you view her. She was a very humble person, so I know her response would be “Praise God!” 😂❤️
      Oh the memories we have to share. She made this world shine so bright, even with her softly spoken ways.
      She led so many to Jesus Christ, living her life for Him. I know He welcomed her with open arms. She told me, “When I go, I’ll be waiting, and I’ll have so much to show you!”
      Words cannot express her purity and the love she poured out from her soul to everyone in her life.
      She took her son and daughter in laws in as her own grandchildren, just as we have been for her and she treated them as such.
      I cannot express the gratitude, love, and pure happiness that comes with each memory with her. She sure was, and always will be “my sunshine”. ☀️🦋


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