Lately, I’ve been under enormous stress in any form stress can come. (Previous posts).

So when my rheumatologist appointment came time, my husband and I were closely trying to separate what has been happening with my body and it’s symptoms from before the stress occurred.

“Joint pain. Muscle Spasms and cramping. Fatigue. Headache. Throat ache. And now, I’m in a flare because of the stress” is basically what it all boiled down to.

I checked into the office, spoke with the nurse, and we waited for the doctor. I began to realize how uncomfortable I was with all of the brand new faces of this office’s staff… that made my blood pressure a little high, even with – feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed, arms at your side, concentrate on anything except your blood pressure, and take deep breaths.

But it’s been worse in the past. I’m not sure why doctor’s offices make me so nervous still…

We spoke of each topic that Brady and I came up with… and we talked about me having tested positive for mono 5 times in the past 2-3 years. She bet it had been long enough that it wouldn’t be an active positive now; Brady and I said “incorrect.”

So my next regimen…

Muscle relaxers for night time to relax my knotted and heating pad loving back.

And a ziplock bag of 30 days worth of preloaded oral syringes. I’m supposed to push the liquid underneath my tongue and hold it for 30 seconds, then swallow it. Oh – don’t eat or drink anything 20 minutes before and after taking this concoction. (It’s a compounded medication.)

You’d never guess so I’ll just tell you:

I expected sweet…I was wrong,

Oh does it ever taste salty 😝😖🤭

My rheumatologist said that I should use these 2-3 times a day for a couple days if i should feel my mono coming up again… these syringes hold a liquid called Alfa Interferon that gives my body the help it needs to fight off viruses.

An interferon is something that your body produces naturally. It’s job is to attach to viruses to prevent the replication and, in turn, reproduction of the virus.

In immunocompromised patients, this process is few and far between come naturally. For some people, this “therapy” is not effective, but in others, adding just a small amount makes a difference.

And for once in my life, I’m on the good side of things so far!

I still crash fast and hard… I’m hoping to bring my stamina for staying awake up…

I pray it continues to help. It’s not something that I take every day, only when i feel like mono is creeping up again since my immune system cannot beat it down on its own.

Hopefully things are going uphill now, even though going up is more work, sweat, and tears. Let’s do it!

This is one small step for the entire world, and one huge step for Bailey. 🌎

The world has come a long way since I first got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2013 (Celiac). All of the awareness talks and sharing and passing around information truly is showing some benefit. The research seems to be paying off.

Thank you to those who are working hard to find some answers! 🎗

“Here it comes with no warning:


I’m first in the water;

Too close to the bottom.

I’m right back where I started –

Said I’m fine….

I’m swimming up against the tide

I’m swimming but I’m getting tired”

🎶 “Capsize” – Emily Warren & FRENSHIP 🎶


4 thoughts on “Salt

  1. Small step for mankind. Huge step for you! I’m happy that doctor was at least able to prevent some pain for you. I hate that you have to experience such things, but yet you handle it it all so easy. You’re more than just a pretty face it seems! 😁😀

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    1. Aww you brought me to some heavy tears!!!
      Thank you Anthony. Thank you so much for the ever so kind compliment!
      You know, you can try to see your reflection walk into the room. You can try to express what you would think of that person, your mirrored reflection.

      One thing you cannot look at through 2nd person though, is your heart and your soul.

      It’s hard for me to feel beautiful with all of this. I’ve told brady before, “how am I supposed to love myself with all of this??”-referring to illness after illness.

      It’s hard for me to feel strong. If something is in front of us, we conquer it. We could stand there and stare at it all that we want, but you’ll never go anywhere. You don’t have to carry the mountain, only climb. And you don’t look at yourself as strong for doing it. You just say “it’s behind me; I’m not looking back”.

      Thank you again. Everyone has something that they have to handle in this life. Something to deal with that makes their life a tiny bit harder than what it would be without it. And this is mine. So I handle it, and I just keep climbing. 🙂☀️

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