I Guess I Found a Time Machine.

Lately it’s been a daily whirlwind of pain…

It all started with my diagnosis with mono. My doctor wanted to do an ultrasound of my spleen and upper abdomen, since there had never been one ordered before – only an ultrasound for my gallbladder in 2015.

Im not sure how many have followed me through this journey, and I’m not honestly sure exactly how much I’ve written about it to be honest, but this is a complete “start from the beginning”.

I’ve been eating Daily Harvest. I put in

An order to this company and they send frozen cups to my door that are full of fresh, organic, and specified gluten and dairy free nutrients. Ingredients that I don’t have much access to where I live! My point of this is, when Brady and I decided that eating Chick Fil A would be easy and it was close to the doctor…

Well that’s just when this journey completely reset itself.

Back to the days of walking into the ER, crying and bent over in pain, out of breath and unable to mutter much about what was going on… having to wait…. being opened up to viruses and bacteria in which my body can’t handle (it can’t handle what’s going on right now!), being stuck with an IV, giving blood for tests, getting fluids and pain meds, sent for a CT and possible ultra sound…. all of which would turn up nothing anyways. (2014-2015)

Tests and tests and tests…. endless blood work, x-rays, CT scans around every corner, new doctors, bone scans, gallbladder scans, all of which = no answer. Or did at least. Pray that there’s an answer for me this time, please!

Stabbing pains in my abdominal left upper quadrant, stabbing pains in my right side, stabbing pains radiating underneath my ribs..

Recently, weakness. All over muscle weakness that doesn’t take long to set in after beginning to do the daily house work.

Throat pain. Mono will do that to you. My lymph nodes feel like balloons… maybe my fibro makes every sensation exaggerated… I’m sure it does.


Stone in my right kidney. Nothing new.

Blockage in common bile duct. What?

“Let’s get a CT to confirm these findings.”


Stone in my right kidney. I’m a stone maker. Have been my whole life.


No sign of blockage in common bile duct.


Results faxed all over the place. Doctors

and doctors. Follow up with my GI for a possible scope of the duct…

Pain is off and on. Left and right side. I lay with my heating pad and sleep most of the days away along with the nights.

Makes me feel so sorry for my dogs.

From the beginning I’ve been told the issue has been my gallbladder. And with greasy foods beginning the pain, it would make sense. But then again, nothing about my body makes sense.

Feel a pain, straighten that side of my abdomen and don’t breathe until it subsides.

I didn’t want to start this. There wasn’t anything wrong until my greasy food choice. They ordered an upper abdominal ultrasound because they wanted to see about my spleen, seeing as it hadn’t been checked on before and I have mono…

I begged Brady to allow me to let this go. I think I’m glad I didn’t?

I’m exhausted. Still, from the first time around!

No answers from that. Mono got me additional testing the led me to a rheumatologist….

Good gracious.

Fingers crossed an answer can be found this time around.

Your abdomen is full of so many things that can go wrong…

Gallbladder-Mom had hers removed.

Digestion and food allergy-Dads side of the family is drenched in complications.

Kidney stones-maternal grandfather has them also.

It could be any of those things. Or multiple. Or none of those. I just don’t know….. no more ER visits. At least we have that down. I have pain meds for my fibro and I don’t want to be exposed to that only later to come home to immensely itchy skin because I’m allergic to the pain meds. 🙄

So… if you need me, I’ll be down isle “toughing it out until further notice”.



2 thoughts on “I Guess I Found a Time Machine.

  1. My gf got her gallbladder removed as well. It was swollen and nothing that they did could help it so a week later they got it out with minimum cutting. I was impressed. I hate to hear that you have to go through all this again and again. However, your level of resilience is remarkable. You take the hits and you feel the pains, but you still stand strong. You still smile. You still love and share. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep fighting.

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    1. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words. Sometimes from the inside, you don’t feel like you’re still standing strong. It all kind of came as an accident really. They wanted to check my spleen since it had not been done (did I say that?🤪). It’s tender from having mono and an autoimmune disease.. that’s when they found the blockage. But actually, I’m not sure if it passed or what, but my pain has stopped. *knock on wood*. In 2015 I had a gallbladder scan, it came back at about 35% in function. So I imagine they’ll take it out sooner or later. I hope later 🙈🙈🙈. I also imagine this could have been another round with a kidney stone. Those like to beat me up pretty well. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

      But since I stay home now, I’m making sure I drink more water, because I can keep track of that now. My theory is that (there were stones I was told from previous scans just… hangin out) I’ve shaken those up and now they’re headed out. They’re not very nice to make such a noticeable exit!!😂

      I hope your girlfriend is doing well!! I’ve always heard that you have complications or you don’t! So praying for no complications for her!!!!!

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