You. Are. So. Strong.

Your heart beats and pushes blood through your body in constant circulation.

You inflate your lungs with air without thinking to control the stretching of your rib cage.

Your skin protects your critical, valuable, and breakable internal organs.

No matter the pain, itching, scars, marks, imperfections, or aching, you get out of bed everyday. Even if it’s just to go to the bathroom, you put your feet on the ground, and you face this world head on – for 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, you did it.

You made it.

And you won against all odds that fill your head.

People pushed and pulled against you. You were bumped into and probably had to pick up a few things that were dropped.

You talked until you had no voice.

You smiled until your face ached.

You are so strong.

You won against a day that bet against you, a day that everyone else laughed and talked and enjoyed, a day that ended in an instant collapse upon arriving home, or upon making it back to your bed from a short – but insanely painful – trip to the bathroom.

Your mirror showed you under eye circles, dark and purple. You could probably pull off saying you have 2 black eyes… a pale face, washed from color… corners of your mouth turned down, using no muscles to attempt to fake feeling happy to yourself.

Inside the dark around your eyes is a tired soul. Tired of faking it. Tired of no one understanding. Tired of explaining.

You make it back to your bed and collapse in a pile of neuropathy…. and you unintentionally catch a feeling, the feeling of a slight smile forming on your face. Because you made it.

You are so strong.

“Yes, people have kept pushing you along the way, and people have helped you get to where you are… But you could get all the help in the world and you still wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your strength and will. So give yourself more credit for making it this far.”

– Twitter page of “soothingsuggestion”

You. Are. So. Strong.

“Beautiful”-VIIV 👈🏼 🎶



4 thoughts on “You. Are. So. Strong.

  1. You are really so strong Bailey. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. But as you have most probably experienced over and over again…His Mercies are new every morning….every morning!
    I love that you’re smiling through it all.
    Love Chanty

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    1. Chanty,
      How absolutely precious you are to say that. I think we never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have!

      I always tell my husband, “please do not say you’re sorry for me.” And he says “what am I supposed to say then??” “Just say ‘I know’”. That’s the only thing I can think of. Lol! I don’t want people be sorry for me and what God has given me as my road to walk. I’m not scared of tomorrow because I know that God is already there. Whatever today brings, I would not have to overcome if God did not think I was strong enough or willing enough or ready enough to do so.

      Thank you again so much Chanty. Your response really means the world to me! Please do not be sorry, for everyone has some battle they are overcoming. My battle is just tied into my career title 😉😂. (No work lol!)

      I trust my God and know that He has a plan for me, and whatever this plan may be, I cannot See the whole picture yet. But as I get down a little further I’ll be able to look back and say “Ahh. That made sense.”💖

      I hope the best for you! And. I truly,again, appreciate your response. 😘

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      1. You’re such a blessing…I’m bawling my eyes out here not because I’m sorry but because you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. God is soooo amazing in making me collide with such an inspiring person named Bailey…yes…He has a plan for you. Please keep on writing…keep on sharing your testimony. Your testimony means a lot to me…thank you for sharing it. (and work is not that great:-) ) Keep the faith.
        Love Chanty

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