Yellow 5 Dye

I’ve had so many issues with things hurting my stomach and causing digestive issues in the past, it wasn’t much of a surprise when it hit me all over again.

I seem to be ok for a while, but then become randomly allergic to something new. It’s crazy right? Yeah I feel that way too.

I have serious allergies!along with all of the autoimmune issues. Somehow it comes hand in hand. I have to carry an epi pen wherever i go… Now I’ve noticed a new development..

I have done a lot of research and experimenting with this, so i know it’s the case no matter how weird it seems.

Yellow 5 dye, of all things, has begun to give me serious issues also. It’s in many foods (i can’t even begin to explain!). It gives me digestive problems, stomach pains, and nausea. I’ve been dealing with it for a while now… headaches, throat itching and pain with tingling (Benadryl immediately)… all the good allergy stuff.

As of recent, since yellow 5 dye, I’ve learned, is in make up products, shampoos and conditioners, body washes, soaps, basically anything that is yellow or green, my face wash has been burning my skin as well as my make up. My face is scabbed with burns and is so dry it’s painful and cracking open….

I recently dyed my hair also (before i knew beauty products weren’t good for me) a golden brown color, I got some dye on my ears and it burned my ears so badly they bled (on the outer lobes)…

It’s also in our hand soap, which is why my hands are constantly abnormally dry, and it’s also in some laundry detergents and fragrance additives…

I just wanted to make it known so that if anyone else is having issues that are similar, maybe this will make it easier for you to narrow down the culprit!

In addition to this, I’ve had more skin rashes than I’ve had in my life in the last couple months. Plaquinel is a wonderful medication for treating Sjögren’s Syndrome, but don’t by pass your doctor when he or she tells you to stay out of the sun or use a high spf sunscreen of the sun cannot be avoided… recently, I’ve started having reactions even with the window blinds being drawn.

Autoimmune is no joke. Your body attacking itself is no joke. And if your body is telling you something, You really need to take that message seriously (as I sit with all skin covered inside my home.)



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