Apps That Help Me Out

I have quite a few apps on my phone… mixed with music, I’m always “forced” (psh forced😂) to get the highest memory holding phone that AT&T has available.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, I strongly suggest you trying these apps out and seeing how they help you as they have helped me so much!

The first app I recommend:

I have a chronic pain app and, I will admit, it’s mostly because I couldn’t remember when to take my meds and when the last times I took them was (also what I took)… I wish I was joking…. but I’m getting better!

This app is AH-MAZE-ing.

I have labeled my own titles, symptoms, as well as other groups of things that might affect my pain level or pain type through out the day.

This app is:

The science behind all of the medical and variable affects of the pain and symptoms really fascinate me. If I could have finished school, I would have gone back to bachelor of science with some type of health major. I’m not losing hope in that…

All of my customized labels and categories I can also make into graphs (which I can also make and choose what goes where, what the graph shows etc).. this is a huge help, as you can imagine, in many ways. The best part (for me) is that you can make notes – which is how I keep track of the meds I take and what time I take them.

Even if you don’t know if you have chronic pain – you can still use this app so that you and your doctor can come up with a plan. Yes, it’s THAT versatile!

Here are my graphs that I pulled today.

Green shows if I made more than one entry in the day, and the difference between the numbers I rated my entries.

I came up with the labels in the following:

-Red shows the entries I labeled as the topic “pain”, which generally applies to a “9-10” rating.

-Black shows entries I made titled “weather” which in general, I didn’t feel enough pain to label the entry the title “pain”, and assumed at the time that the cause of my uncomfortableness was due to changes in the weather.

These graphs are completely up to you as to what you keep track of vs. the weather (which is what the app keeps track of). You don’t however have to add the weather to your graphs.

This is confusing. Just try it out. I love it.

These graphs show my pain levels vs how the temperature and atmospheric pressure affect them individually.

The second app I recommend

This app has to do with exercising your brain.

I thought Brady was crazy when he recommended this app to me!

I downloaded it and began playing the games. After awhile, I started feeling less brain fog and more of my memory cleared up! I could remember more, and I could store more NEW information.

As you can imagine, I didn’t think that either of these would ever be possible again! When your brain changes, it changes for good. With all of the medication I am on, i was sure that there was permanent damage to my memory centers. But it turns out, it was all of the brain fog causing me not to think clearly – which is why I’m not giving up on the idea of getting some more school in someday…) 😯😍😁😁

This app is:

This app has a couple games that are free. For a while, I only used those. When I realized how much progress i was making, I bought trials in different amounts of time. (Make sure after you buy a trial, if you don’t want it to automatically renew, go to iTunes (or whatever store you use) and cancel the auto-renew!!!)

If you purchase trials of this app, it has literally endless games to play. You can pick your favorites, and it also keeps track of your progress or regression monthly, while giving you a specified (but not required) suggestion in which games you should play on a daily basis.

They are constantly adding new games!!

I think that these 2 apps are by far the top 2 most helpful and life changing for me. I hope they’re able to help you as well!



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