I Can Eat?

I ordered some of these “meals in a cup/smoothies/desserts” and I’m really excited – but also kind of nervous…

I’m hoping that this will be everything my body needs to feel better… I’ve found myself unable to eat anything of nutritious value due to some kind of “developed repulsion as a side effect to one of my medications”… or at least that’s what my rheumatologist could best explain.

For months now, I’ve been eating and relying on gluten free cereal and almond milk to get me through life… kind of a ridiculous expectation! For years, I’ve been trying different things that also contain no nutritional value… ice cream, plain gluten free noodles, cinnamon toast, grilled cheese, smoothies, plain fruit, plain rice (or sugared, or w/ gluten free soy), plain toast, applesauce, jello…. etc.. I think you get it. I still haven’t figured it out yet….everything makes me want to throw up and I start to feel nauseous after eating…

As I was reading some of these ingredients, I instantly felt at ease.. I don’t have access to these here.. and the breakdown of each ingredient is insane (what it’s nutritional properties help with)!

Maybe my body will FINALLY feel “ok”? (What does that even feel like?)

And plus, you have to admit, the ease of it all makes it all a little irresistible!

👉🏼Daily Harvest👈🏼 Start your journey with me – And keep me updated on how you’re doing and what you think.

I really hope that this pulls my broken pieces back together again and isn’t just another thing that “we tried”…



One thought on “I Can Eat?

  1. I went full vegan again back in November and I’ve been feeling pretty rad ever since. Maybe your body would rather a plant based diet? Not sure if you already tried that or not though…Hmm…Have a great day, Bailey!

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