Lady Gaga

When someone doesn’t believe or understand your illness (thinks more so that you’re exaggerating the symptoms shown, which we all know is wayyyyyy less than what we truly feel!) it feels good to have them find an article of a musician that they respect with the same disease. Lady Gaga had to cancel the remainder of her tour due to severe fibromyalgia pain.. prayers for her well being and that the pain will quickly end for her.

I hate that she has fibromyalgia. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. When people who are in the public eye though, the public starts to realize…..”maybe we have underestimated this some…” and it may even push towards science to find SOMETHING – ANYTHING to relieve the pain!

👉🏼You Can Read the Story Here👈🏼

Best wishes to her and her family. I am in no way, shape, or form implying that I’m “happy” someone else has to struggle through this pain as well. It helps to know you aren’t alone. 🦋🦋



6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga

    1. Very invisible illness huh? She’s spent… serious money on helping her pain. She has a special, I believe it’s on Netflix? I know it’s probably online somewhere, in which she opened up on her struggles with fibromyalgia. I need to and have been meaning to watch it. She sure is super woman! I can’t imagine doing what she does and having, even, the clothes that she wears for shows etc, against my skin….lists and lists and lists.

      I am doing alright Anthony, thank you! I hope you are doing well also! I told my husband about you and how kind and positive you are. He was grateful that I’m able to have you following my blog, and I yours!💖


      1. I did see when that Lady Gaga special appear when it first hit Netflix, but never got around to seeing it.

        I’m humbled! I’m just as grateful to have met you, Bailey! That’s what the blogosphere is all about; making real connections with people that can give us a new view on life. Thank you for your awesomeness 😊


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