Research Your Diagnosis Until…

Until. Just until.

The word “Fibromyalgia” entered my life and medical charts during the year 2015. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more difficult year.

I remember asking my manager to go home because I didn’t feel well… He asked me “What’s wrong? What is it that doesn’t feel well?”

And I replied:

“Everything. I don’t.. I don’t know.. I hurt everywhere!”

And tears of course.He let me go home. I’ve never been more thankful to a manager, for that job to be mine at that very moment…… end beginning of a completely different story where it all began -Begin point of this post…..

You will feel guilty, you will doubt yourself, you will be challenged, judged, mistreated, segregated, doubted, called a liar, you will be a subject of many conversations you never find yourself a part of, you will give far more than anyone is willing to give to you, you will be mislabeled, made fun of, and just simply not believed.Fibromyalgia has been a “we don’t know what you have, so we are going to say you have Fibromyalgia” disease for so many years.Anyone who has no reason to research this intensely complex car wreck of a diagnosis, just simply… wont. My husband won’t even research my diagnoses to understand better….

It’s interesting to me to read of new studies and to keep up with trials. I need to know what the newest things are about the labels that were given to me.I thought I got it… and I’ve looked…. but I looked again tonight.

My doctor couldn’t even give me this much information. Maybe your doctor did and could – and if that is the case: GOOD!! I’m so incredibly glad you are well informed.

If no one will inform me, and those who are in my life that feel I’m just depressed or not being managed correctly won’t research my body for themselves, I will inform you of plenty – probably more than you asked for.

I’m so relieved after reading this article… I’m honestly not sure if I’ve missed it all of these years, or maybe I couldn’t connect with these symptoms at the time.. but I couldn’t read this and not share it with you too. Maybe you’ll find it just as interesting as I did!

The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association, Inc. 👈🏼Check out the new article that gave me so much relief tonight. I hope it has the same effect on you FibroWarriors! 🦋



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