I Don’t Think You Heard Me Correctly…

Listen to your patient.

No. I mean really listen.

Let’s put this office visit into perspective:

Your patient has been getting to know his/her body for the length of their lifetime.

….Have you been there with them? Have you felt what they’ve felt? Grown up how they’ve grown up? Been exposed to the same chemicals/radiation/preservatives… etc as many times as they have been? Heard the same things they have heard? Followed the same religion they have followed? Were you taught the same way that they were taught?

Let’s stop there… the answer is no.


Dear Doctor & Nurse,

Outside of your patient’s chart that lists their BMI, medications, blood pressure, heart rate, and current symptoms, do you even know your patient at all?


Remember that.

Someone with Fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s, going to see their PCP for a sinus infection should leave with antibiotics in place of their body’s harmful immune system,

Not the motivational speech (of which you would know if you knew anything about me, that I’ve heard the same thing more than 1 million times in my 26 years of life), “go get this book”, exercise, and “throw away your entire pantry and fridge and go buy only the things on this page,” (UGH) that I’ve tried so many times before – because at one point I was willing to try anything.

If I wanted that I would have called my family instead of paying you for no help at all…

I wasn’t aware that reading a book could change my DNA and cure a sinus/ear infection.

Listen to your patients.

And actually hear them.

Because you have no idea what it’s like.. even if my neighbor was diagnosed the exact ways in which I am, we would still have different cases because not one person has the same make up of DNA that God made us each with – as individual images of Him.

I will always trust my doctor, but only if they hear me first.



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