Epiphany 2018

I live where there are huge spaces stretching across the Great Plains; where you can see for miles and miles without something blocking your line of sight no matter where you turn; where there are fields of dried grasses that have become accustom to living without water – cactus, blue grass, and yucca…; a prairie of wheat and corn; farms with cattle, pigs, and chicken roam; dirt roads will take you to the center of it all – where you may get lost on the turn of the earth: blocking your sight of origin.

That’s all great and everything. Of course it’s littered with cities between near and far.. did you notice though, “without water”. Our average annual rainfall here is 20.31 inches… you read that correctly. INCHES.

“You Are In Charge of How You Mold Your Life” – When The Realization Originally Began

But these Himalayan salt lamps became the new health craze. (Hang with me here, it’ll all make sense.)

Naturally, my husband and I became curious. I read up on how they work and the benefits they carry, and we decided that it may just be worth it to get a couple.

Click to Read Just How and If a Salt Lamp Works

During this time, we lived at our last home, the duplex we moved from for my (autoimmune self’s 🙄) safety.

While we were there, I had placed these salt lamps on either side of our bed so they could have full benefit on us for the longest time possible. (Not sure if that makes any sense. Haha!) I began to notice, as I did my weekly cleaning and dusting rounds, salt was building up on the night stands, visibly. So weekly, I cleaned it off of our dark brown colored night stands and was pleased that they were working and that I had such visible proof!

But then… we moved homes, to a safer, cleaner, newer built and recently developed location, where the air would be more clear and less harmful for me to breathe (for ANYONE to breathe really!)

I started to notice in this new location, the surfaces that the salt lamps sat on no longer gathered salt. My skin began drying – like no ones business. (I’m talking, I probably need prescription lotion (if they still have that) dry.)

Good time to mention- Cetaphil is a God send for all you dry skinned peeps!!!

I’m starting to have to apply Aloe Vera to my babies (fur children)’s coats (found at petsmart, don’t worry!) so they will stop the itching from the drying atmosphere.

Didn’t think twice about it.

Yesterday though, my mother and I were talking and she asked me “do your salt lamps even do anything?” And I said quickly “yes!” Pause. “Ummm. Actually they did on [street name of last living location] come to think of it…” thinking… “wow. Well there’s proof if you needed any.”

The amount of moisture that was in the air was undoubtedly hazardous (containing molds, mildews, and who knows what else….).

I’m having to fight to keep my Sjögren’s body moisturized and healthy, but I’ll trade for this any day.

A great epiphany to begin 2018. I’m going to live a healthier life. God works in mysterious ways. He sure knew how to get me to a doctor! 😂😂



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