Dottie’s Fostering Day from the ASPCA

“She has made us realize that even though your heart seems to be full, with every change in life and every turn of the road, there are many doors to open – and each adds more room for love to fill your heart. Change is hard. But never knowing the blessings change brings is even harder.”

– Bailey Kelley 11-29-15

What a beautiful outlook on something that to me is beyond terrifying – change. Not only is this statement eye opening, mind altering, and calming, but it came from my own being. From someone who has never viewed change in such a way. From someone who still doesn’t view change as a positive thing – rather terrifying and unpredictable.

I posted that as a part of a post that i wrote on my Facebook wall 2 years ago, not knowing how much i would need it to open my heart all over again in 2 more years.

I love this. 💖




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