The Secret of Life

For years, I’ve prayed, “Lord, give me your eyes.” “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath

I’m not sure if it’s from getting older and experiencing enough of life to be able to understand right from wrong and dark from light, but within these past few months, with the help of a true and trusted loved one, I have been able to open my eyes. I’ve noticed more, heard more, seen more, cared more, loved more, experienced more, and given more.

Not every attempt was met with warm, welcoming arms. I’ve been hurt, stabbed in the back and in the front, ignored, pushed away, looked passed, and by passed more in these months than I’ve noticed in my entire life.

I believe He gave me His eyes.

The secret of life, is simply to give life meaning.

It’s not everything I’ve always thought it was. The secret of life has nothing to do with planning your future – but instead, soaking in every moment and sense of this present time that God has so generously offered us.

The secret of life is not about getting married,

Not about having a family,

Not about getting that promotion at work,

Not about finding “something new” to fill that void.

The secret of life is love.

Love everyone and everything around you —

Because you never know when anyone’s life will be taken away from our presence.

Love. Love life. Love it fiercely.

Love generously.

Love faithfully.

Love without condition.

And love with all of your heart.

Pray for God to open your eyes. It may happen immediately, it may take years to find (i couldn’t see truth for at least 10 years. But i continued asking, I kept the faith. I wanted to be better than just someone who filled up a spot in the world), but as soon as God finds you ready, you’ll know the secret of life.

It’s the feeling. It’s the feeling of knowing that –

You give life meaning.

“If We Could See Inside Other’s Hearts”

We may look different, but our hearts beat with the same dreams. Let’s be more loving to others.”



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