Worst Word Ever


It’s caused so much chaos in my family’s life these past few months.

First my grandma. Next my father with the diagnosis.

Tests and tests. 3 surgeries. A couple chemo and radiation treatments to go,

Both my grandmother and my father are declared cancer free!

I don’t know what exactly I did to deserve such great, heart warming, relief bringing, shock inducing, tear starting, “someone hold me please” feeling, together tying news..

God brings miracles. And He hears your cries. He feels your tears. And he listens to your words. Pray – “even if it’s just to say [His] name”. (Sanctus Real quoted)

Here is my grandmother on her first chemo treatment. “Piece of cake”.And this picture is of my precious parents before my dad went into surgery. My parents are the strongest people that I have ever met, but even my mom had to let out a few tears as they took him back – after he was out of our sights.

Pray. Be strong. Show kindness. Be patient. Love with all of your heart. Show empathy. And then pray again.

Because God has answered my prayers.

You always feel like it will never happen to you – until it happens to you.

Thank you for reading all who do. Thank you for holding me up to those who caught me from falling. Thank you for reminding me of who the real Boss is, DD, and also to know that no matter what – we want His will to be done.

And thank you to God who has so carefully held my family in his grip and not let this devil bring us down.



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