After a couple days of debating, Brady and I decided that Chachi’s 🐭 back legs and hip have been bothering her enough to benefit from Glucosamine. Plus, with Dottie’s🐘 size, she’s getting to an age where it’s crucial for her health as well.

I was surprised to find the brand that I researched most and wanted was at Walmart.

As hard as this was for me to buy, (I don’t want my baby Cha to get older 😥) while opening the plastic around the lid, I found the words written “Proverbs 12:10” on the side of the bottle.

Lately… I’ve been struggling with my world and a lot of things unexplainably have felt as if they’ve been falling apart, so this gave me such hope back into humanity.

After learning that my grandmother had metastatic breast cancer, we learned about 4 days ago that my dad also has colon cancer.

However, within 24 hours, I’ve gotten 2 extremely relieving texts in which wouldn’t have been possible without God.

My grandmother is considered “all clear” of cancer – but will still do chemo to get an extra added control on it and to make sure each lymph node is clear as well.

And my dads doctors put his test results in the fast lane… yesterday I found out that he will be having surgery on Wednesday to remove the tumor, and then -unless something changes or they missed seeing something in the colonoscopy, ultra sound, AND the CT scan, he will then be considered free of cancer as well.

God is so good. His love will never fail. This little reminder was nice to see – Buying this brand of glucosamine for my two fur babies was the correct decision to make – and the tiny print of proof was so uplifting after these several weeks.

Lesson learned: don’t wait until you lose someone to appreciate their value in your life. My dad and I agreeably don’t get along the best of the best in the world.. but after these past few days, I have figured out, that no matter how well you get along with someone in your life, don’t wait until you get the scare of losing them to regret not fixing that relationship. The value that each person who is in your life adds to your life is immense. Cherish it until the end, because there will always be an end.

But in the end, everything will be ok. And if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.


#ChachiChiweenie #DottieBorderCollie #Glucosamine #gettingolder #ThatsLife #DontWaitUntilSomethingIsAlmostGone #SeeTheValueNow #Proverbs1210

Dottie, sitting (comfortably 😂) in her dad’s lap. 🐘

Chachi, being the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, as always!❤️🐭

My grandmother, wearing our matching necklaces that I ordered in each of our handwritings. “My Sunshine❤️” 🙏🏼

My dad, holding a wiggly Chachi ❤️🙏🏼

3 thoughts on “Glucosamine

    1. Mackenzie, thank you so much. I really appreciate your kindness and the prayers! We have been getting wonderful news regarding my grandmother and father. We just pray that the news continues to be that way!

      I attempted to reply to your comment last night but fell asleep while doing so. So embarrassing! Lol.

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