Social Anxiety

How do you know about good when you’ve always felt bad?

How do you know about happy when you’ve only seen sad?

This misfortune has been mine to have,

I can only cry as all others can laugh.

Judgement, oh judgement, when will the day come

When you and I will no longer be one?

All eyes will see perfect, as they do now,

But inside won’t fool them as they think of their nouns.

Faker, attention seeker, just so dramatic.

“Girl, you can’t get through this life with all of this static.”

Normal searches, as normal is few

But in this world, our normals won’t do.

I’m going to make it,

And I’m going to find it.

Whatever and where ever,

Stop trying to hide it.

-“Adding the Weight to Someone Who Can’t Carry it” by Bailey ✌🏼&💜

I’m so glad that you can forget my pain and sickness. I think, also, that you forget that I live with it every day. Every hour. Every second. And I can’t forget,I just can’t.

If I could, I would not hesitate for one millisecond.




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