Prescription Sent

Not. Haha! But my rheumatologist did recommend me get a couple diffusers to keep all of my sinuses more moist since I struggle with such chronic sinusitis. Ear infections and alllll. So yucky. So I’m super excited – got my essential oils (frankincense, I heard-don’t quote me!- helps to heal and protect your lungs as it’s breathed in), got some smell good ones also, some lavender to help me sleep (oh help me, good gracious!) and it even changes colors… I have another that is a different shape and color for my bedroom. So excited for this!!! My doctor said this way, instead of a humidifier, you won’t have as many worries about a filter and breathing in mold that is caught within. Whew. I’m beginning to feel so purified. Changing my diet is making a HUGE difference. Your gut is a BIG source of your immune system, if not the majority! Ughhh I’m one of those…. sorry guys. It’s all about immune strength for me right now. And I have so many troubles with my gut alone!! 2 for 1? I’m in!!!

Super cool thing to have. It changes direction of the mist flow, and also will allow you to do more or less mist, breaks in mist followed by continued mist, and its max running time for about 1/2 cup of water is 10 hours!!!! And it does produce quite a bit!

It has several colors to choose from, or you can have them change, as I have now.

I would recommend, BEFORE buying one, check the max running time! If you want it to run for you as you sleep (which is what most doctors will suggest, since you stay in one place for the longest time of the day so you will breathe in the most moisture) 3-6 hours probably won’t cut it. Especially since the max running time is dependent on the quality of your water, your atmosphere, and how strongly you have the most level set at.

Super cool. Had to share!!!

Have a good day fellow spoonies!!!

Prayers for those and the loved ones of those in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, and any other place that I may have missed.🙏🏼🙏🏼✝️✝️



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