Evie Clair

Drinking my coffee this morning.

Waiting on another doctor’s appointment time to come closer so that I can get ready to leave the house without waking my husband.

He worked all night.

I turn on my TV to a recording of America’s Got Talent.

And all of ‘the feels’ that I’ve pushed away to stop the tears… they almost spill out again.

Evie Clair is a 13 year old girl who sings. Her story resonates with so many. Her Dad has stage 4 colon cancer, and the last she’s updated the show is that the chemo was not taking any affect.

She dedicates every song she sings to him.

And my world. The feels. But mostly, the love, all pour into my heart, and I feel happy as she’s singing.

Life is not fair. And it does not take count.

I love my grandmother more than words can say. If you have not read previous posts, you won’t know that very recently my grandmother got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Here’s the song she sang:

Birdy – Wings

And here is Evie Clair performing on AGT for the first time on live TV…

Evie Clair AGT Quarterfinals – “Wings”

So brave.

Speechless. ❤️💔



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