Where Does the Time Go?

Old marks in the sand
From old waves that went back in.

Old words hang from the ceiling
From laughs we've shared;
Oh how they sped up old healing.

Old homes run down where
Happiness flourished –
Always effortlessly shared.

Old memories spoken over again –
I'm terrified of how soon
"Miss Sunshine" may end.

Older times mesh with this gift;
The present –
of which I'll never forget.

Older hearts than way back when
Newly breaking
Over again.

New words pain our ears
Leaving us empty,
Filling with tears.

New news
I'll jump with you,
into the blue.

We'll gracefully dance away the air
To the end of the world
And we'll wave from there.

You've been a strength through out my life
No one will ever replace you, either;
They'll not be able to try.

"Where does the time go?

I don't want this to end.

Where does the time go?

Let's hang onto the moment we're in.

Of all the things we will remember:

The good, the bad, and all the blessings in disguise . . .

Today will stick with me forever,

Even if we have to say goodbye.

Where does the time go?

I keep losing track.

Where does the time go?

We're too young to get lost looking back.

Life doesn't always give us answers.

Some dots,

they won't connect until the years go by.

If we're not meant to be together,

Someday we'll know the reasons why.

"Where does the time go" by A Great Big World

I love you. I hope you know that you've changed my life each time I've seen you. Stay strong. Don't wither in this storm. Don't give into the wind. Everything will be ok. My heart is yours to share. Thank you for a beautiful ride. I can promise it will never be forgotten. 😘

✌🏼, 💜, & 🙏🏼,

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