Don’t Ever Give Up. -The Mighty

“I think that’s one of the secrets of carrying on. Finding someone or something that calls you back into life – that you can use to call yourself back into life. Something or someone you care about being here for.”

How To Hold Onto Hope When You Have Chronic Pain 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 A link to a beautifully and well written article published by someone who struggles with chronic pain.
This article is such a positive message.

It’s difficult to be positive when all you want to do is lay in a fetal position all day with your heating pad, in your bed, and calming music quietly whispering in the background-alone. But everyone needs something to look forward to, something to hold onto… find your something!

I went through an angry time here recently. I’ve been diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia since 2015. I’ve been sick since at least 2012 (though I remember being in a lot of pain and complaining to my mom as a child), and I realized on those couple of angry days recently- I haven’t once been angry in these two years. I haven’t asked “why me?!” yet. I haven’t been mad at God or even irritated with Him.

I’ve been infuriated with myself. 

These diseases, just like my bipolar and celiac disease, are progressive. Flare ups (for me-everyone is different) can be caused by stress, weather, socializing, activities… my flare is always lying shallowly beneath my skin, waiting to rear it’s ugly head and tear me to shreds once again.

We just moved homes. Our old home has a severe mold problem that our landlords refused to fix.

The home we moved to is beautiful. There are open fields all around, a beautiful neighborhood just a block down, and horses right across the street. It’s so peaceful out here.

And somehow my light has been lit again. By hope. By faith. By peace and by reassurance. 

After not breathing in all of the mold spores that circulated throughout the air in the old home, I feel as though this air is much easier to breathe, much lighter to breathe, so much less dense. 
I guess that’s an update from me here! My plan is to post some more song lyrics… I’ve been meaning to. Music seaps deep into my soul – my soul, which now aches with the music industry losing Chester Bennington. He defined such an era for me and so many others – not to mention – rock music itself. His lyrics will live on inside people of every generation. 

I’m so terribly saddened that society is letting these hugely talented people get to a point of no return, the point of flying high with the angels, just to speak of mental illness. There needs to be another voice. Several others too. A community of voices. Speak up so the world knows you’re here. You’re here for a reason! Mark that spot in our history and make sure it’s deep enough to not be weathered away.

I’ve got to figure out how to leave my mark too. 

But like the article ends from the link above,

Don’t ever give up.



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